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Cliff Field

On Saturday 23rd November, at 10.00am a gallant team of volunteers from Lympstone Scouts and Lympstone FC turned up at Cliff Field to lay plastic tiles to protect the surface at the entrance of Cliff Field.

Ably led by Cllr Peter Acca, they soon got into the swing of things and made rapid progress in laying a Geotex membrane that goes underneath the tiles and then laying the tiles themselves.  These all lock together and so should form a stable and long lasting base for vehicles to drive on occasionally.

The back-breaking part of the job was digging out the pile of top soil, barrowing it onto the tiles and then spreading it with rakes and brushes to fill the mesh and leave a clean finish.  Good progress was made but it was clear that this was by far the biggest part of the job and so the cavalry in the form of Andy Love and his digger were called in.  Andy was able to dig out and drop into place buckets full of soil in minutes.  This made the task so much quicker and easier.  The whole job was just about finished by 2.00pm

Scouts, Cubs and Beavers were there helping to break up the soil and did a sterling job in providing Tea & Coffee and bacon sandwiches.  All in all it was a great way to spend a sunny Saturday morning with a great result for the village. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THAT TURNED OUT TO HELP.

Parking restrictions (Yellow Lines) in Lympstone

DCC has asked the Parish Council to look at areas where parking restrictions might be made.

The Parish Council consider the following areas might be suitable:

Longmeadow Road

From No 8 Bakers Cottages to the entrance to Leustona to allow room for the gritter lorry to pass.

Outside Brendon – to allow room for the gritter lorry to pass.

At the junction with Strawberry Hill – check the parking prohibition associated with the stop line.  If this is in place then no further action is needed.

Church Road

Outside the entrance to Lympstone Nurseries. To enable vehicles to proceed without driving onto the cobbles.  There is also a problem of speeding in this area which may need alternative traffic calming.

School Hill

To join the double yellow lines at the bottom of School Hill to where the road widens.  There is a need to discuss management of the extension car park with VHMC to make sure that residents living nearby are offered licences to park in the evenings and weekends.

Meeting Lane

There is a wish for a designated ‘Bus Stop’ marking to prevent obstructions for busses.

Dawlish Park Terrace, outside no 9 & 10 Dawlish Park Terrace to allow the gritter lorry to pass.  The Working group felt that as there is no off-street parking and the gritter lorry only passes a few times each year, no restrictions are needed but the occupiers of these properties should be informed of the problem and asked to park elsewhere when the gritter lorry is likely to pass.

Sowden Railway Bridge, no need for restrictions but ask DCC to clear the carriageway of silt and vegetation on each side to effectively widen the carriageway.

The Strand, under the railway bridge, the existing restriction on the north side could be reduced to allow parking for one extra vehicle.

Burgmanns Hill, From the two telegraph poles at the east end of The Avenue  to the existing yellow lines North of Greenhill Avenue.

(The above were discussed at the meeting on the 2nd of December to be concluded at the January meeting. Ed.)

Clerk to the Council: A J Le Riche, DMS,  43 Salisbury Road, Exmouth, EX8 1SL, Tel 279665/ 07866 535580

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