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In June, the Devon Rural Housing Partnership with Lympstone Parish Council carried out housing needs survey in Lympstone. The purpose of the survey was to discover if there are a significant number of people living or working in Lympstone who have not been able to obtain housing suitable to their circumstances.

What we asked for…

Households were invited to complete a three part form. This was designed to gather details of the reasons for which the current accommodation failed to meet its needs and the type of accommodation required in the future.

What residents said…

There were a total of 266 Surveys returned, which is a response rate of 28.6%

• 11 households were found to be in housing need with a local connection to Lympstone

• The average house price in the parish in 2010 was £313,000

• 81% of those replying to the survey said they were in favour of a small affordable housing development for local people in Lympstone.

What the report recommends…

A provision of 11 affordable homes needs to be made to address the need.

What happens next?

The Parish Council will investigate the possibility of providing additional affordable housing in Lympstone. The Parish Plan shows that this provision should be made close to the centre of the Village but land is scarce. Public funding to support this kind of development is becoming harder to get and so the process will not be easy. Lympstone has been successful in having two developments recently. The first, at Jackson’s Meadow, which was funded as part of a larger development, and another at Churchill Court, which was funded by Government money being made available to EDDC.

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