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Lympstone Conservation Area

The District Council has powers to declare an “area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to conserve or enhance to be a Conservation Area”. Such a declaration introduces a general control over the demolition of unlisted buildings and provides the basis for policies designed to preserve or enhance all the aspects of character or appearance that define an area’s special interest. Apart from a few minor exceptions, no building can be demolished without prior approval (conservation area consent) and six weeks notice must be given if any tree is to be cut down or lopped. There is a requirement for a five-yearly review of conservation areas and EDDC must publish proposals for their preservation and enhancement. Reviews must be carried out as the character and appearance of a conservation area can change over even small periods of time.

EDDC are reviewing the Lympstone Conservation Area and are proposing two extensions. One is along the foreshore from Highcliffe to the Harbour and one along Longmeadow Road to the A376 but with some more recent houses being excluded for planning reasons. This was the subject of debate at the Council meeting in March and again on 2nd April 2012. A packed meeting questioned the need to extend the Conservation Area, if so should whole areas be included rather than have some gaps and whether it was sensible to include areas of terraced housing. It was also questioned as to whether being in the Conservation Area would have prevented some of the very modern houses from being constructed.

Cllr Anthony Garratt, a Conservation Planning Officer with another Council gave some insight into the planning reasons for extending the Conservation Area in the way that was proposed.

There was a lively debate on all these issues with many members of the public being invited to join in.

The Chairman, Cllr Peter Acca, invited a straw poll from those present to gauge their views on how the Parish Council should frame its response.

The widely held view was that the areas to be included should be extended by including other areas: The meeting agreed that the areas From The Lookout to Highcliffe, The area from The Harbour to Cliff Field, The Avenue and Avenue Field and the area of the Orchard behind the Church should also be included in the Lympstone Conservation Area.

The Parish Council agreed with all of these views and so this will form the basis of a response to EDDC.

There was one poor aspect to this discussion. Someone had posted notices around the Village suggesting that the Church was under threat and urging people to attend a Village Meeting at 7.00pm. This was a hoax. The Church is not under threat and there was no village meeting called for 7.00pm.

All Parish Council and Parish Meetings are called under Local Government law and must be signed by the Clerk of the Parish Council or any six electors who may also call a meeting. If you see any rogue signs and are in any doubt please call Tony, our Clerk, and he will be able to advise you.

Lympstone Composting Scheme

This valuable village project has now been wound up due to lack of volunteers. In winding up, the Scheme has distributed its remaining funds and Chairman Roger Howell has presented a cheque for £200 to the Parish Council with the wish that this is used to fund the planting of a tree in the village.

Composting is still alive and well in the Parish with a new scheme is being run by Chris Barnacle. The Parish Council hopes that all existing customers will sign up with Chris to make sure that his new scheme is successful.


The cherry trees in Candy’s Field are growing well, but they are now hanging down over the path again and so the Parish Council has asked Dave Tyrrell to prune them by raising the crowns of these trees, in the next week or so to make sure that it is safe to use the path through Candy’s Field. These trees are an important feature of the landscape of the field and the parish Council feels that it is important to keep them healthy and looking good, without causing any problems.

The oak tree has been moved from the triangle by the tennis courts into a new home in Candy’s Field. Mr Tyrrell has been asked to water the tree as large amounts are needed each time. I am sure that we will all be keeping an eye on it to give it a great chance to settle in its new home. Cont

The three new trees that were planted at the entrance to The Avenue are dying. They have been poorly maintained by DCC after they were planted and clay mud was spread around the base of them. This has stopped any water getting to the roots. DCC have been asked to get their contractor back to put things right so that these trees can develop into the fine specimens that The Avenue deserves.

New Parking at the Village Hall

Many readers will have seen the new parking area between the Village Hall and the School. These are a great addition to the facilities at the Hall. The new parking spaces will be used by School staff during the working day, in term-time. Outside of that time, they will be managed by the Village Hall. Please contact Don Mildenhall for details of what you need to do if you would like to use a space.

You have probably also seen the new footpath from the school to the Village Hall. This is a significant improvement and contributes to the safety of our children as the move from the School to the Village Hall. The Parish Council’s thanks go to County Councillor Bernard Hughes and Tony Priest, School Head, for contributing funds and materials and to Andy Love of Trinity Plant Hire for carrying out some of the work and coordinating the work of other contractors to see the job through to completion.

Diamond Jubilee

Arrangements for Village celebrations are still developing. Pete and Mo Conibere have offered to take the lead on coordinating the Big Picnic Lunch on Sunday. There will be refreshments by the Scouts and by the Youth Club and it is hoped that our award winning Band will be able to play. There will be a top of the range bouncy castle (for children only!). It is a 32′ x 15′ Ark Obstacle Course Castle and this will help to make this a really good day.

Monday’s events on Cliff Field are still being shaped up. They will end with the Jubilee Beacon (Lympstone was one of the first in the UK to register for this) and a fireworks display. There will be games and sporting activity. The Village still needs someone or some group to bring together all of the events for Monday. If you are willing to lend a hand and have a few contacts in the Village please contact Cllr Peter Acca, (07801 365097) or Tony, the Clerk to the Parish Council.

There will be a final village meeting at the end of April to go through everything for this weekend of fun and celebration and to make sure that everything is included in the Souvenir programme. If you have anything to include in this please contact Communications Champion, Cllr David Young on

Tony Le RicheClerk to the Council

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