Parking is one of the concerns that the Parish Council is looking to address this year.  There are two sides to this.  First and foremost there are many houses in the Village that do not have their own off-street parking and so there is a need for parking for these residents.  The Parish Council has been consulted about two schemes that will provide extra off-street parking and this will be a great contribution to the well-being of the area.  Parish Councillors have also heard from some people who have their own driveway but park outside their house to stop others from parking there.  This is not a very sociable attitude to take and the Parish Council urges anyone who does this to think about taking a more understanding approach to parking.

There are also some areas where vehicles are parked on the road and this causes a danger or an obstruction to other traffic.  Many of you will see the traffic cones that are put out in various places if the gritter lorry is expected to come through the village.  These need to be respected and parking in these and many other areas should be done carefully and respectfully to avoid problems.

The Parish Council has walked through the village to see where there might be a need for new restrictions in order to address the matter of safety and obstruction.  The following list is to be considered in detail at the next meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 20th January 2014.  Please let your Parish Councillor know your views and come along to hear the discussion.

Longmeadow Road, From No 8 Bakers Cottages to the entrance to Leustona and outside Brendon – to allow room for the gritter lorry to pass.

Longmeadow Road, at the junction with Strawberry Hill unless the “Stop” line is sufficient.

Church Road, outside the entrance to Lympstone Nurseries. To enable vehicles to proceed without driving onto the cobbles.  There is also a problem of speeding in this area which may need alternative traffic calming.

School Hill, extend the existing double yellow lines to where the road widens.  There is a need to discuss management of the extension car park with VHMC to make sure that residents living nearby are offered licences to park in the evenings and weekends.

Meeting Lane, There is a wish for a designated ‘Bus Stop’ marking to prevent obstructions for buses.

Dawlish Park Terrace, outside No 9 & 10 Dawlish Park Terrace to allow the gritter lorry to pass.  The Working Group of Parish Councillors felt that as there is no off-street parking and the gritter lorry only passes a few times each year, no restrictions are needed but the occupiers of these properties should be informed of the problem and asked to park elsewhere when the gritter lorry is likely to pass.

Sowden Railway Bridge, no need for restrictions but ask DCC to clear the carriageway of silt and vegetation on each side to effectively widen the usable area.

The Strand, under the railway bridge, the existing restriction on the north side could be reduced to allow parking for one extra vehicle.

Burgmanns Hill, From the two telegraph poles at the east end of The Avenue to the existing yellow lines North of Greenhill Avenue.

The Parish Council will also discuss the need for designated disabled parking so if you have a need, please let your Parish Councillor know.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now with EDDC for them to carry out their part of the formalities.  The Plan contains a number of Community Action Policies as well as planning policies.  Cllr Rob Longhurst has ably led a village Working Group and the Parish Council through the various stages leading to approval of the Plan by the Parish Council and he was thanked for his hard work and achievement.  He now wishes to hand over the reins to another Parish Councillor to keep the Plan moving.  The Parish Council unanimously appointed Cllr Mrs Jenny Clark to be the new Neighbourhood Plan Champion.  It will be Jenny’s prime role to look for opportunities to promote the Community Action Policies and to look for opportunities to see them implemented.   Most members of the Village Working Group will continue to help in this but there is always room for new volunteers to get involved with the Community side of the Plan.  Please contact Jenny for more information.

Clerk to the Council: A J Le Riche, DMS,  43 Salisbury Road, Exmouth, EX8 1SL, Tel 279665/ 07866 535580