Village crime report – 6TH NOV – 3RD DEC

KE/11/2944 – Criminal damage to vehicle parked on Gibraltar Road, which took place between the 11th and 12th November.

There have been several incidents regarding parking in this area and Glebe Close. I have carried out a letter drop to all the properties advising them about parking on the highway and about the damage being caused to vehicles.

KE/11/3034 – Burglary, which occurred overnight of the 21st and 22nd November from stables on Hulham Road. – equine equipment stolen.

KE/11/3039 – Theft, non-specific, which occurred overnight of the 21st and 22nd November and is linked to the above burglary due to properties being next door to one another. – garden equipment stolen.

Both occupants have been signed up to Farm Watch and property marking has been offered. A press release has gone in the paper. We are currently re-launching Farm Watch and if anyone would like to sign up, please let me know. This will ensure that all messages are sent out relating to farming/agriculture via email or telephone.

We have had nine logs phoned into our communications centre during this time:

2 x highways disruption, 3 x administration, 2 x public safety, 2 x anti-social behaviour.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and New Year!

PCSO Sarah Trayhurn 30110