Police report

Police report

There have been 8 crimes reported to us during this period:

KE/11/2722 refers to an assault, which took place in the Strand on the 15th October.

KE/11/2858–False representation, which occurred between the 26th October and the 30th October.

6 x Common Assaults

We have received 9 calls to our Communication Centre during this time:

2 x anti social behaviour

4 x public safety

2 x administration

1 x transport related

As your local Policing team we are pleased to report that the Royal Marine Exercise went extremely well and there were no issues or concerns reported to us.

Cycle Track

I have been invited to attend the meeting on Monday 14th November to discuss the safety issues of the cycle track and can confirm my attendance.

We have put together a portfolio of over 70 incidents involving conflict between cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles for presentation to DCC in an attempt to really bring home the problem and the need for action. Evidence gathering is still continuing with Sarah and Clem Davies, so please do keep reporting any incidents or near-misses.

Your local Neighbourhood Policing team are intending to put together an event of cycle education. We will be in attendance on the cycle track and speaking to cyclists regarding cycle safety and training. – date to be confirmed. The Parish Council have adopted a policy of pressing for the original route for the Cycle Way to be taken alongside the railway bridge and then either dropping down onto the Underhill Car park or continuing through the village and out the other side.

PCSO Sarah Trayhurn 30110

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