Police report

Police report

Between the 23rd January and the 26th January a vehicle that was parked on School Hill had its wing mirror damaged. The silver Galaxy was parked facing down the hill and the owner returned to find the damage. If anyone has any information or witnessed the vehicle being damaged, please contact me on the details below.

I have received several complaints about the parking in the area of Chapel Road and in the Strand. Vehicles are parking on double yellow lines and in dangerous positions. This is a very busy area in the village, even more so now that the cycle track has been installed. I have spoken to the civil enforcement officers who will be patrolling the area and ticketing any offending vehicles.

I am disappointed to hear that there have been further attacks on animals in the area of Frogs Meadow in the last couple of weeks. Several chickens and geese have been killed and it is believed this is by a dog rather than a fox, following an examination by a vet. Dog owners need to keep their dogs under control and preferably on a lead if there is livestock in the area. Allowing dogs to worry livestock or cause injury is an offence and can lead to prosecution and in some circumstances the animal being destroyed. Please work with local farmers and landowners to prevent these incidents. I have spoken to the dog warden about this matter and we are keen to hear from anyone who has witnessed any incidents. If anyone has any concerns about a dog out of control, please contact me on the details below.

If anyone has any concerns or issues that they would like to discuss or would like crime prevention advice, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details below.

PCSO Sarah Trayhurn 30110

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