Poppy Appeal 2011

Poppy Appeal 2011

A hundred years ago this month the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was still alive and there was an uneasy peace between the Austro-Hungarian Alliance and the Serbs. Little did anyone realize that, three years later, all hell was to let loose in Europe and “the war to end all wars” would begin.

To end all wars? Every one of us in this village would so love that to have been the case. But the British Tommy – the eternal soldier – is still returning to these shores in coffins or, in many many cases, so often unmentioned, in medivac with torn limbs.

At the Royal British Legion, we do what we can to help them and their families. And we do it because of your generosity and support. The village is remarkable in the way it gives and I am incredibly proud of the money one small community donates to the cause each year.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year in the 21st Century, we will stand in silence to remember those that have fallen. But let us also remember those that are here amongst us now and need our help.

Our intrepid band of helpers will be knocking on your door soon. Give generously, please. You always do, I know. And if anyone wants to join our ever-growing troop of collectors, do please give me a call on 267858. Thank you!

Shirley Friend

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