Public Consultation – Variations of East Devon District Council Public Spaces Protection Order for Exmouth. Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014

In May 2020 we extended the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for Exmouth and Sidmouth which restricts certain activities linked to Anti-Social behaviour (ASB). The order covers the following behaviours: 1. Possessing intoxicating substance including alcohol 2. Urination and defecation within a street or public place 3. Aggressive requests for money 4. Intimidation, harassment, alarm or distress The current order will remain in place until May 2023, at which time it will be extended if still appropriate.

The existing order that has been in place since May 2020 in Exmouth already covers:  The Strand and surrounding area  The Magnolia Centre and surrounding area  Station car park and surrounding area  The Manor Gardens  The Plantation and surrounding area We are proposing to extend it onto Exmouth beach to the mean low tide mark as well as some surrounding area. This is because these areas have seen recent alcohol fuelled anti-social behaviour. These proposals have been developed as part of multi-agency meetings along with Local Police and Environmental Health. Have a look at the proposals in full, and send any comments on this proposal to extend it to Exmouth beach to the mean low tide mark as well as some surrounding areas: before 5pm Sunday 20 June 2021:  by email to

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