Save the Lympstone Herald! We need a new Editor

Save the Lympstone Herald! We need a new Editor

Message from Chris Carter, Editor of the Lympstone Herald

The Lympstone Herald, after forty years of being delivered for FREE to every house in the village, is well established as an intrinsic part of village life. During the fifteen years I have been Editor it has grown from one double page to an average of twenty four pages per month. Covering subjects as varied as the Queen’s Birthday celebrations to invitations to a cream tea it has something of interest for everyone. The forty strong team that produce the Herald has varied very little during this time, all being volunteers and receiving no direct reward other than many thanksfrom everyone.
Half the Herald is advertising which, according to our regular advertisers, is very successful. The revenue from this provides the money to pay for the cost of printing – about £300 per month. The other half is from about thirty contributors who email me their copy and keep our readers entertained with news and views and notice of future events.

To keep this very successful magazine going we need a new editor. Old age is taking its toll and both my fingers and my brain are slowing up. What we need is a person (or group) who, with a little help from our Deputy Editor, Terri Scott, can collate what is sent in by contributors and advertisers and change it to our standard format, add it to the adverts and email it all to our very helpful printers in a couple of days each month.

That is it. Very simple and there is very little else to do. You just need to be familiar with Word and accustomed to using email. The printers deliver the completed copies to our distributors, the Telfers, who bundle up the copies and pass them to those who drop them off at individual houses. Liz Griffiths chases up the advertisers for money which the Editor passes on to the Parish Clerk. Very simply, the whole thing works like clockwork and everyone is willing to help a new editor. I will even show you the quick editing routines that make the job easy.

Chris Carter

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