Schedule of works, SWW project, Underhill Car Park

Schedule of works, SWW project, Underhill Car Park

The following, provided by the Customer Liaison Officer, is a brief outline of the construction work to be carried out by Balfour Beatty from now to February 2018.

There will be abnormal deliveries next week and increased vehicle movements when the concrete pours take place.
Please bear in mind that this is Civil Engineering and no matter how much preparation work we do (Bore holes GPR etc) there are always issues to have to react to and timescales can change.

Commencement dates as follows:-
· 7 – 8 17 – mobilisation to site delivery and installation of storage units and offices, erection of fencing and securing site.
14-8 17 specialist shaft contract mobilises (brings plant and equipment to site, sets up dewatering and settlement tanks etc)
21-8 17 excavate and construct concrete guide collar (about 2m deep, steers shaft as it goes down will be a large concrete pour on one day)
30-8 17 sink shaft (most of the precast in to site and the excavated material taken out)
13-10 17 construct concrete base, central column and benching. (large base pour and a few smaller pours for the benching)
6-11 17 install flushing system and internal pipework
13-11 17 construct shaft roof
20-11 17 construct new screened overflow from existing storage tank
8-1 18 construct pipework , chambers and ducts between tanks
16-1 18 complete electrical works and commissioning
1-2 18 Reinstate car park and remove hoarding
Reopen carpark on 12th Feb 2018

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