School grounds ransacked

School grounds ransacked

It has been reported that at some point over the weekend of the 11th and 12th June individuals entered Lympstone Primary School and caused damage to plants and ransacked an unlocked shed. Toys were also strewn around the playground.

This is not acceptable behaviour and I ask all parents to speak to their children/teenagers and remind them that the school is private property and is out of bounds out of school hours. Anyone caught within the school or acting in a manner that is anti social or causes damage to other people’s property will be dealt with by the Police.

The school and its teachers work hard to provide good facilities for the children and it is of great concern that a few individuals wish to ruin this.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact me on the details below. It will be dealt with in confidence.

PCSO Sarah Trayhurn

Mobex: 0845 656 7853 Email:

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