Financing the Village Hall

Financing the Village Hall

Don Mildenhall, Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee spoke about the arrangements for finances for the Village Hall. In particular, when Brian Ridge had retired as Secretary, no one had volunteered to take his place and therefore the Committee had decided that a part-time paid post was necessary in order to ensure that all of the ‘regulatory’ matters that had to be carried out were done so in full. A separate account had been set up to receive all the funds that were raised to support works at the Village Hall.

Don Mildenhall emphasised that all of this money was used to meet the cost of the improvements and none of it was channelled into the routine spending on day-to-day items. So far, £107,500 had been spent on these improvements. To meet current plans, a further £35,000 was needed, some of which had already been pledged. Fund raising events and applications would continue.

There will be more discussion on finances for the Village Hall at the next meeting of the Parish Council.. This will include day-to day costs as well as funds for the remaining improvement works.

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