Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling

This was the main item for discussion at the Parish Council meeting. Many members of the public commented on how the problem seemed to be getting worse in all of the areas that were open to the public including playing fields used by children and public footpaths.

Dave Tyrrell, who carries out grounds maintenance work in many of these areas including the Parish Cemetery, described some of his findings during his work, which were quite disgusting. His experience showed that the problem went well beyond dog mess and it was abundantly clear that people visiting these areas were the culprits. There was a general view from the public that there was a significant lack of respect by people, for the environment in which they lived.

Cllr Peter Acca’s Amenities Committee has considered this problem and the Police have been talking to the Dog Wardens about increasing the number of visits to key areas. There will also be the possibility of visits to local groups including the School to increase public awareness of the problem and its consequences. The poster campaign that was held last year was seen to be a success and incidences of dog fouling appeared to have reduced after that. Co

However, when the new school year started, there seemed to be a general increase in the problem. Readers will be able to draw their own conclusions from this. New information signs will be provided to remind people that they should clear up their rubbish and take it home if there are no bins nearby. The signs will also state that fines of up to £2,000 can be imposed for these offences. The Police and the Parish Council will actively support prosecution of offenders.

If you are a dog owner or just like partying in any of the great places that we have in and around our village please make sure that you clear up afterwards and leave the place the way you would expect to find it.

Clerk to the Council: A J Le Riche, DMS, 43 Salisbury Road, Exmouth, EX8 1SL, Tel 279665/ 07866 535580

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