The Redwing Pub re-opens

The Redwing Pub re-opens

After much anticipation and two successful soft openings – the last one on 5th July – along with a new name, the “Redwing Bar & Dining”  opened for business on Wednesday 6th July.

The new design and new name  reflect our aims for our customers – bright, warm, and approachable.  Our chef,  Marc Slater, who has worked alongside talented chefs such as The Tanner Brothers and  Michel Roux, has a passion for food and for sourcing fresh local ingredients. This allows us to showcase the finest produce available along with showcasing the readily available Devon produce that we all should be aspiring to use. Our goal is to obtain as much of our produce locally or from the Devon area along with giving the correct platform in supporting local businesses.

Despite rumours, the Redwing isn’t and has no intention of making this an over 25s / members club/ dress code venue. We will welcome those who are looking for something different and who are  fans of good food, done well. Our aims are simple – for the Redwing to be the best pub in the area, to provide a combination of Great Food, Wine & Ale “Done well”, together with maintaining the atmosphere you only get in a good quality local pub.

Our new website launched in the week commencing 11th July. You will find more relevant information about what’s happening at The Redwing, or currently you can follow us on Twitter & Facebook.

We are aiming to introduce a wine club in October and currently looking into a cinema club. “lots of ideas will be tried over the coming months but our current emphasis will be in the food and drink area first.”,

Managing Director is Fitz Spencer, Head Chef is Marc Slater

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