LONG LIVE LYMPSTONE TWINNERS! Lympstone Twinning Association may be going to close in May, but before it does, Lympstone will host 19 families, 3 of whom are new to twinning!

Quite a challenge, you are right in thinking! So, are there any new families prepared to put aside one weekend this year to either host or visit a family in Biéville-Beuville near Caen on alternate years?

The prospect can seem quite daunting before you meet ‘your’ twinners, but any such fears invariably evaporate from the moment that you meet. And beware, once hooked it becomes addictive! You don’t even have to join LTA now, just keep in touch as a Lympstone Twinner.

Do you need to speak French? No, but if you are rusty, you will be surprised how much you improve during a weekend.

To offer to host or find out more, please contact Richard Crisp r@rgtcrisp.plus.com or ring 273211 visit http://sites.google.com/site/lympstonetwinning for some background.

Richard Crisp