Underhill Car Park, SWW Works Update 2

Underhill Car Park, SWW Works Update 2

Construction of the shaft guide collar went according to plan and work has now begun placing the next shaft ring and setting up the hydraulic jacks which will be used to physically push the concrete shaft wall down into the ground, this work will continue for the next few weeks.
The dewatering process is working successfully, the water from the excavation goes through a two stage filtration process before discharge into Wooton Brook, currently the discharged water is running clear, but we expect a certain amount of discolouration as the shaft deepens, we will continue to monitor this to ensure that no silt is discharged.

There will be an increase of vehicle movements through the town as more spoil is excavated from the shaft, however we have had occasions where we have had problems due to inappropriate parking. We have placed no parking cones and signs in the most difficult areas and ask that these are left in place, unfortunately there have been instances where the cones have been moved which has led to an obstruction of the footpath. Members of the public are not authorised to move signs, cones or any other traffic management we put out and to do so causes inconvenience to others and potentially delays our works. I fully appreciate that parking restrictions can be difficult but given the road width in places, they are necessary.

We have also had a report that some young people were seen within the site area at night, we have reviewed the security and increased the fencing around the works, hopefully this is a one off and will not be repeated. Our thanks to the diligent resident who spotted them and told them to leave.

Following comments from several residents we have asked the District Council to check the street lights on the path from the footbridge to Underhill, I believe that the engineers have been out today.

We have provided an information board near the footbridge and we will update this around twice a month as works progress.
Please contact me if you have a comments or questions

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