Underhill Car Park, Works Update; Concrete Alert!

Underhill Car Park, Works Update; Concrete Alert!

The final ring has now been  installed and the shaft is at full depth. Following grouting of the shaft we need to pour the concrete base.

The base will require around 800 tonnes of concrete and due to the restricted size of the lorries we can bring through Lympstone there will be a large number of vehicle movements to and from the site to make the pour.

We have booked the deliveries for Wednesday 8 November and there will be parking restrictions in place along the route for the day. We anticipate completing the work during the normal working day but should any unplanned delays occur we will have to work later until the pour is complete.

Work has begun to install lighting in the temporary car park, we had intended to have this in place by now  but unfortunately this sits with a third party for the power supply and is beyond our control, hopefully this work will be completed soon.

Please contact me should you have any questions or comments on the above


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