Update on the ‘Support Ray’ Campaign

Update on the ‘Support Ray’ Campaign

A good compromise appears to have been reached.

The great news is that Ray will be with us for a six month trial period at the end of which there will be further review.  At that time if the round changed Royal Mail now know the volume of correspondence the campaign could generate.

Ray is so grateful and doesn’t know how he can thank the village enough but through the Herald and village web site, through word of mouth and electronically we will do our best to thank everyone on his behalf.

The email received from the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Mail, Moya Greene, said that she had asked her senior management team to look into the problem straight away.

The high volume of correspondence to Royal Mail has had its effect on waking the giant into action.

We still want to keep supporting Ray.  To do this we have started an on-line petition, accessed from the Lympstone Village website as we also want Royal Mail to consider local customers and circumstances when all postal rounds are reviewed. We will be keeping this petition going – please sign it here

Thank you so much for your support for the campaign and we hope that everything will be resolved satisfactorily in the New Year.

Lympstone people power has achieved a great deal


Brian and Jennifer Mather


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