Village Boundary Line – Our future

Village Boundary Line – Our future

On Monday 3rd December Lympstone Parish Council signed off the “Preferred List” of 5 locations for development over the next 15 years – these will now be passed to EDDC. This followed the Village Consultation Meeting on 23rd and 24th November. The full output from this event can be found by clicking on this link >Full Output from Village Meeting – go to the links at the lower end of the page for the output.
This page contains EVERYTHING (except the Feedback Forms) – go to the summaries for shorter versions. We hope to get the Feedback Forms on the website in due course.
Of particular note see >Your Questions Answered these cover the questions I was unable to answer on the night or were included in the feedback forms.
Keep watching the website for updates and progress reports.
Any further questions please e-mail me at

Finally thank yous; to all those who attended and gave their responses – they are all valued; to all who volunteered to work on the Working Party and produce the evidence – back to work now on the Neighbourhood Plan!; and to those who turned up on the night to assist with set up, wine and teas.
It’s because people care and volunteer that Lympstone is the delightful community that it is – let’s work to keep it that way.


Cllr Rob Longhurst

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