WI April Report

WI April Report

Herald report WI Lympstone April 2018

It was our Annual Meeting this month, so after the official approval of accounts and election of President and Committee, it was time to look back at a successful year with three new members, lots of good meetings and pleasurable outings.

We had some brilliant speakers, being transported to different places as far apart as Russia in the pharmaceutical business world and America during the evacuation in the Second World War. Nearer home we found out about Jane Austen, “Remarkable Women” and Dartmoor Search and Rescue, all centred in Devon. Subjects like garden design and the entertainment business were also covered.

Members took part in Devon Federation events including a Spring Garden Day at Longdown, Spring Council in Torquay, Sing for Fun, Officers Get together, Autumn Showcase and a visit to Cardiff Christmas market.There was a carol service, but unfortunately not the one in Exeter Cathedral for our WI this year, hopefully better luck this coming Christmas. The Pampering Day at Exeter College comes highly recommended for the future.

Our own events were as usual numerous: a visit to Cothelstone Manor was hailed as brilliant, not to mention the summer supper and the (very French and sophisticated ) Feb lunch at the sailing club.

The Furry Dance and the magnificent Calendar Girl scarecrow that won a section of the Village competition was a highlight in the summer. Supper at the Redwing cheered us up in January and the Xmas party saw some of us in a very energetic mode indeed with a Zumba display by members and friends.

Members of our WI volunteered for various good cases like making cakes for the Open Gardens event and litter picking once a month on the public fields and footpaths round Lympstone.

We are now looking forward to another year of education, fun and food!

Our next meeting will be on 2nd of May. The speaker will be Graham Hurley, local author, talking about ‘crime writing’.

Elly Cordwell

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