Women’s Institute June Meeting

Women’s Institute June Meeting

This month’s WI meeting took place on Wednesday the 1st June, when retired pilot, Colin Pomeroy, gave an illustrated talk on expeditions he has made to Oman and Antarctica. Luckily for those of us for whom school geography is no longer even a distant memory, he provided clear maps showing the locations of the expeditions and their distances from the UK.   Beguiled by the stark beauty of these places, Colin has returned several times, usually as part of a small group monitoring bird and sea-life in the region.

Our president, Diana de la Rue, then confirmed the list of helpers and cake-makers who will be providing teas from 3 – 5 pm in the Function Room of the Village Hall on Saturday the 11th June to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. Those taking tea in the Function Room will also be able to enjoy the fascinating exhibition put together by Adrienne Hebdige and Suki Commin showing the Queen’s involvement with the WI over the years. Diana also reminded us that a WI litter pick is scheduled for the 14th June, to clear up after the celebrations.

Members were asked to ensure that they had made a note of the revised date for the Summer Supper at the Sailing Club, which will now be held on Thursday the 21st July.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday the 6th July at 2.30 pm in the Committee Room of the Village Hall, when ghostwriter, Jane Smith, will tell us about the different identities she has adopted – from London gangster to Canadian biker – in order to write a variety of “autobiographies”.

We are very pleased to welcome anyone who thinks she might be interested in finding out about the Lympstone WI. For more information please phone Diana de la Rue on 01395 274099 or find us on the village website.

Lindy Newton

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