Puppet adventures for children – this Saturday!

Puppet adventures for children – this Saturday!

A pre-Christmas treat for children – a puppet show telling The Adventures of Perseus – is being brought to the Village Hall by Lympstone Entertainments.

You will meet a woman with snaky hair, a sea-slime monster and a boy determined to protect his mother. Using projection, puppetry, lightning-quick character changes and some pretty impressive physical action, Multi-Story Theatre manage to tell the whole story in an hour before finally reaching a suitably happy ending.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the fun of the storytelling and the genuine drama and daring of this thrilling tale as it unfolds, so give yourself a treat, and bring your children or grandchildren on Saturday afternoon, 1st December at 2.30 pm in the Village Hall.

Tickets (£7 adults, £5 children) are available at Lympstone Post Office, or phone 271 915.

Harland Walshaw


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