A Very Merry Ding Dong Christmas

Forced to abandon Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Players gave us not one but several pantos — well bits of them — and  more too. So, we were treated to Snow White and the Magnificent SevenSeven Dwarfs robbing not so wise Wisemen,  rousing scenes from Oliver, and an audience-embracing finale of all The Twelve Days of Christmas — and it didn’t seem a day too long! Complete with snow on Saturday night!

Over 20 children were involved in seven separate scenes and  everyone had opportunities to shine, whether acting, singing or dancing, helped by strong musical support led by Danny Lawrence.and the high standards of costuming and sets.  Wendy Watson was a brilliant Dame and her “Santa Baby” solo brought the house down. However, this was very much a family show — — with four sets of parents and their offspring and no fewer than five sets of brothers and sisters involved.

So all in all an entertaining end to the Players 70th anniversary year. And encouraging to see so many youngsters  and new faces amongst the older Players.


Clive Wilson

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