CINDERELLA – The Lympstone Players Pantomime

Last year’s production was a hard act to follow, but the Players’ team of Shirley Wilkes, Terry Dowrick, Liz Gordon and Carol Tolson has managed to do it again!

This year’s pantomime was fun and entertaining. The blend of comedy, drama, dance and excellent music (under Carol’s skilled management) kept the audience entertained and smiling. It was wonderful to see a blend of new and regular faces – newcomers Chris Barnacle, as the amiable and humorous squire, and Ron Smith, playing the beleaguered King with aplomb and character. The male lead, Joel Teague made a charming, yet roguish prince. I hope that they will all take part in further productions.

The ‘regulars’ were welcomed back on stage as old friends – Heather Redding and Grace Packman as the materialistic and avaricious ugly sisters- very much in need of the assistance from the talented beautician Fiona (Amber Borrie – who so bravely took the custard pie with a smile!). Ben Redding played a wonderfully oily Dandini and Julia Billington showed her considerable drama skills to great effect, whilst controlling her little band of charming fairies who, along with the immigrant mice, presented us with excellent dance. Bruce Ellis was engaging and confident in his role as Buttons.

The comedy highlight of the night surely must be the banter and dance of the debt collectors Cash’n’Carry (Harland Walshaw and Clive Wilson). A routine I’d love to see repeated at future village entertainments.

How fortunate we are to have such home-grown talent in our village – our leading lady with the lovely singing voice, Sophie Borrie, who was word, note and foot perfect throughout and the superb, lithe, saucy and confident cat (Emily Barnacle), who also showed at the close what a strong singing voice she has. Surely two young ladies we will want to see on stage more frequently!

There are too many names to mention, but as always the back stage teams stunned us with the set, the costumes and makeup.  Thank you to you all!

Jenny Clark

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