Parish church news

Parish church news

Whether royalist or not nobody could fault Her Majesty on carrying out the duties asked of her both dutifully and well. She is, as we are reminded on the coins, defender of the faith and this too is something she has continued to do unstintingly. We are privileged to be living a moment of history which may never occur again, that a monarch should reign for 60 years.

The role of the church in the village continues through the summer months in the routine way. I remind everyone that services and notices are listed under the railway arch, in the church and on weekly notes given out at services with extra copies at the back of church during the week. A group of the congregation cleans the church, another decorates with flowers and another unlocks every morning and relocks in the evening. Everyone may use the building to seek peace, look at the flowers, admire the stained glass or attend a school service with the children. You are welcome to use and enjoy this fine building.

Geoffrey Wrayford will also lead the Sea Sunday service on Sunday 8th July at 11.30 am on the slipway. Then it will be square eyes for the Olympics.

Brian Mather

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