West End of the church is near completion

West End of the church is near completion

The newly re-ordered West End of the church is very near to completion. Some excellent, skilful and appropriate work has resulted in an area of which we may all be proud. Although it appears “all new” much of the old pew wood has been re-worked and used. The way the carved pew ends have been sympathetically blended into the area is a joy to behold.

The space has room for 50 chairs which are stackable and comfortable. We had “test” chairs on loan so everyone‟s opinion could be taken into account before the final decision was taken. There is a tea/coffee serving area with instant boiler so service is speedy. The font area has been carefully blended into the raised floor level using new stonework.

Storage is not forgotten with cupboards for tables and new bookshelves for the service books. These are some of the last pieces for the whole to be completed. Some further staining to match the old wood and that will be the project finished. The new glass doors have to be replaced by the manufacturer because there is a flaw in the glass.

Do pop into church to have a look, your society of group may wish to make use of the church for a meeting or event.

Brian Mather

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