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Have Your Say – EDDC DRAFT local plan

Oct 26, 2022

The new EDDC Local plan threatens Lympstone’s independence.
The draft of the new EDDC local plan is expected to include the allocation of sites within Lympstone parish that border onto the new Goodmores Farm development off Dinan Way/Upper Hulham Road. You only have to look at what has happened to Topsham and the way that incremental development has progressively sliced away the space between Topsham and Exeter to see what Lympstone’s fate could be.
Councillor Geoff Jung has set out very clearly the risks to Lympstone and the way that the important need for more housing in the district could be met by adopting a different strategy.
“There is considerable concern from residents in both Exmouth and Lympstone and the broader area that the gap between Lympstone and Exmouth is diminishing. If this area is not protected within the next East Devon Local Plan, there is a danger these 2 separate communities will coalesce. Therefore, the proposals within the East Devon Local Plan for sites to be developed within this special area should be totally resisted.
Following various Parish Council drop-in meetings at both Lympstone, Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton and Exton the result of the feedback shows there is a desire to preserve the rural villages identities and to keep a strong community and social cohesion.
There will be an open session (Village Hall) in Lympstone on the 19th November (10.30 am – 3.30 pm) to discuss EDDC’s draft Local Plan.
North East Exmouth Residents Group will also be holding drop-in sessions at Brixington Church Hall 25th November (6.30 to 9pm) and 26th November (9am to noon) to which both residents of Lympstone & Exmouth are welcome. For further information please contact the Group at
Andy Roberts (Resident of Lympstone)
North East Exmouth Residents Group

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