Amenities Terms of Reference

  1. Cut and maintain fields and opens spaces.
  2. Monitor signs and Signposts around the Village – repair, replace or notify the relevant authorities when needed.
  3. Keep hedges trimmed and ditched drained.
  4. Keep a directory of village footpaths and the ownership of beds and banks -member to walk paths and check them whenever possible.
  5. Produce and maintain an accurate list of street furniture (Seats, bins, dog bins etc.).
  6. Examine recreation amenities such as children’s playground and sports facilities. Keep abreast of similar activities in similar villages and of funding and grant options.
  7. Where an association or group has approached the Parish Council for assistance or funding – if instructed by the council, to do so, the Amenities Committee will:
    • Meet to discuss ideas with the Association.
    • Advise them on how to approach the main council.
    • Work with local groups to provide and enhance facilities.
    • Assist the Parish Council and Group to see a project through to completion.
    • Support and advise groups in applying for or seeking funding – providing recommendations for applicants.
  8. Assist in arranging occasion special events such Firing Maroons, Remembrance Day etc.
  9. Examine new ideas from parishioners
  10. Publicise the village amenities in an appropriate manner – eg local press, brochures, website.

Adopted November 2002, Reviewed May 2009

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