Lympstone History Society has been considering the possibility of erecting some interpretation boards around the village with the aim of portraying in words and pictures, elements of the history of the village. We aim to apply for funds for this from several sources, including South West Water, EDDC and RBL, the company involved in developing the Nurseries site in the village. The proposed boards and a general indication of their intended locations are as follows:

– The railway and station – history, impact on the village when the line came through : sited near station?
– Waterfront – Lime processing, fishing and maritime activities, Ship, boat building and repairs, boat shelter and harbour : sited at waterfront?
– Parsonage Stile – whale blubber processing, the pub, smuggling, sited on Cliff field (a concern…do we want too many more people going to Parsonage Stile?)
– Orchards, farms and farming : sited somewhere at the top end of the village?
– Overview of the history of the village : sited on the new green area?
– Board detailing the outcomes of the recent excavation at the Nurseries site (to be provided by AC Archaeology) : sited on the new green area?
– Buildings – overview of church, houses, shops and mill : sited on the new green area?
– Trials and tribulations – floods, fires and wartime : sited in the middle of the village?

We are in touch with the Parish Council. We have secured an offer of some of the funding and some of the writing for the boards has been done. We will draw on the LHS archives for illustrative material. As well as funding, there are issues of the siting of these boards and of course the associated planning issues. At present we are thinking of A2 size boards but there may be variation from this.  We would welcome comments on the proposed project (