Clear out your unwanteds: Lympstone Freecycling Day(s)

Clear out your unwanteds: Lympstone Freecycling Day(s)

We propose to hold a freecycling event in the village. The idea is simple. If you have items surplus to your needs or wants, you put them outside your house or in a convenient spot nearby (off the road of course) and others can take them. No money is to be involved – it is ‘free’cycling. If you wish to let us know that you are going to put things out, we will compile a list of locations by road, or road and address, and the list will be on the village website and as a few posters. One poster will certainly be under the railway bridge. If you want to chance that people will just find you that is fine. And you could choose to share a spot with neighbours.

Because the event this time will be October and because weather could get in the way, we are identifying two days – Sunday October 17th and Monday 18th October between 10.00am and 4.00pm on both days. You will be responsible for displaying items in a safe place, and taking them in again. Put out as little as you want or as much as you want but label what you put out clearly as ‘Lympstone Freecycling Event’ and don’t for example, leave your lawnmower too near by!

If you want to be on the list let us know by 13th October – and say if you want road only or road and address*. If this event seems to be a success – in terms of clearing out, or as a bit of fun on an autumn day, it could happen again.  email

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