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Jun 30, 2022

Gulliford Burial Ground has now entered a new stage, the restoration work is complete and now it’s time to develop the site with wildlife and wildflowers in mind. Lesley Weekes and her team of gardeners have hand weeded paths, planted bluebells, violets, yellow rattle and more. The grass has been left un-cut to allow for self-seeding and will be shortened at stages by the end of the summer. We understand that some people feel grave yards should have lawns without weeds, but this is not using the site to include the environment which makes Gulliford special. On 7th & 14th August 2022 2-4pm the Friends of Gulliford Burial Ground will hold free tours of Gulliford, explaining the history and also the future plans for wildlife. Many new stories have been discovered since tours began and visitors of all ages would be very welcome whether popping in for 5 minutes or wanting the full tour with guides on hand, no need to book. Gulliford: A Burial Ground of Stories book is available at Susannah’s Café or online via Amazon for £10. More information is found on our website www.fogbg.org.uk
Angela Coles

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