Lympstone Living Advent Calendar

We want Lympstone to be a cheerful, happy and lively place this December by creating a Living Advent Calendar, with 24 windows throughout the village decorated and ’opened’ each evening between 1st December and Christmas Eve.

If you would like to get involved, you will need to have a window clearly visible from the street or a public outdoor space where others can view the decorated scene safely as they walk around. You will need to be happy to keep your window illuminated each evening from 4pm to 10pm from the date your window is ‘opened’ until 5 January (Twelfth Night). This is an event for homes and businesses, for anyone, of any age. 

There is no theme, so you can be as inventive and adventurous as you wish. Your design can be religious or non-religious, funny or topical, but not rude or offensive, please! There is much inspiration online, as other villages have held similar successful events in the past. Please note that by volunteering to take part, you are agreeing to your address being identified on a map to help people find your window. No names or other contact details will be shared.

This outdoor event will enable everyone to observe whatever Covid measures are in place at that time.

To volunteer or to find out more, please contact me, Doreen Murray, before Friday 30 October on