Could you open your garden for Hospiscare in 2021?

2021 will once again see Hospiscare teaming up with local residents who kindly open their gardens in support of what is now a favourite staple in the Hospiscare calendar.
Hospiscare Open Gardens will take place for its 17th year in 2021 and registration is now open for local green-fingered residents to join the programme.

The local hospice charity for Exeter, Mid and East Devon cares for over 2,000 patients and their families every year. Hospiscare relies upon the support of its community through events such as Open Gardens in order to raise the funding needed to provide their vital care at no cost to the patient.

Hospiscare is seeking gardeners to share their outdoor spaces with others and is also looking for anyone who would like to run a plant stall, conduct private garden tours orsell their surplus vegetables and flowers for a donation.  A huge share of the appeal of Open Gardens lies in the variation that can be found from one garden to the next, allowing visitors with varying tastes to find something they love and can potentially aspire to. From the grandeur of a country estate to the smaller, but equally well cared for, urban gardens on display, Hospiscare Open Gardens lets keen gardeners show off their wares to a knowledgeable and appreciative audience.

2020 saw the Open Gardens campaign diversify into virtual tours and plant sales, alongside some gardens opening to the public later in the season. Despite the challenges 2020 brought, the gardens raised an amazing £23,662.00 for patients living with a terminal illness and their families. Hospiscare is looking forward to the return of many beautiful gardens next year, and to welcoming new supporters wishing to open their garden gate to help local patients and their families.

If you would like to join Hospiscare Open Gardens for 2021, please call 01392 688020 or email   If you live in Exeter, Mid or East Devon, your local fundraiser is waiting to support you every step of the way.