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Mary’s Reflections on the 1000 plant giveaway

Jun 4, 2024

Last Saturday 25th May, was a rather unusual occasion held on the Green. It is not often these days that things are freely given away but this was one of the exceptions. Carrie Darby, backed by our village Allotments had arranged for a splendid small band of volunteers to grow a large host of different insect loving seedlings, about 1,300 in fact, for Summer Planting. WAL (Wild About Lympstone) had agreed to help Carrie set up the Plant Display on the Green while, at the same time, to join the occasion with the Church Warden, Peter Watsham who with Susie Culhane and their team were to give a presentation on plans for making the graveyard more wildlife friendly. Andy Lewis kindly repeated the talk on every hour so as many could know what was planned for the church yard as possible. This is not easy as people vary greatly on whether they like their family grave to be neatly mown and cared for or prefer it to be left wilder for Nature’s choice. Other displays shown in the church were beautiful photos of unusual birds and creatures seen in graveyards and also an insect Survey as part of the Lympstone graveyard Plan. Of course the gallant refreshment team were present as ever..

Happily people gathered on the Green in warm sunshine to admire and make their choices from all the 1300 insect friendly seedlings arrayed and laid out on all the tables. These days we are quite unfamiliar with being given for free as many plants as we liked. The hard working team of Volunteers who had grown them over the weeks I hope very much felt a little proud of their efforts. A number of the company popped a donation for Hospice into the bucket. Many thanks indeed.. Thank you Carrie for your inspiration and for all those many people in the background of these village occasions without whom they would never come off. In no way could I mention names but you all know whom I mean. You brought about for so many of us a Happy Day in the sunshine with more happy hours ahead planting out our gifts and realising that there is great hope ahead for our poor old Planet with so many helpers doing their little bit! That last fascinating Walk led by two WAL stalwarts to end the morning showed that Nature doesn’t give up so we mustn’t either!
Mary Truell

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