Poems in Isolation

Poems in Isolation

The last Lympstone Entertainments event – for a while – was the Village Concert, on Leap Year Day, four long weeks ago.  The hall was packed, we had a full programme of performers, one of the most enjoyable of shows, and a wild finale orchestrated by Joel, Bruce and Jamie, with the evening’s other performers and the audience jamming ecstatically to a song from The Jungle Book, accompanied by some groovy dancing by Nigel, and Dadaist romping by James from the Redwing, the revelation of the evening.

Well, the Redwing is now dark, the Village Hall deserted, the Zulus cancelled (a particular disappointment). But one Lympstone Entertainments activity is expanding. Our four advertising boards are not currently needed to inform you of our next performance. And so the poems which we display on them intermittently can now take over for the duration of the pandemic.

Visiting the Copy Shop for A3 posters is not a necessary journey under Government guidelines, and so we shall be using posters from the past, that you may have seen before. We have been posting poems in Lympstone for 12 years now, and have displayed over 250, plenty to choose from. But not many of you are likely to see them in the next few weeks.

AND SO THE POEMS ARE GOING ONLINE….    Our website lympstone-entertainments.net will offer a daily poem for your enjoyment, and the lifting of spirits.

We begin with a poem by the American farmer-poet Wendell Berry about spring, and we shall range far and wide.

We would like you to suggest poems – we have already had a brilliant suggestion from Richard Crisp – and we are looking for favourite song lyrics as well. 

Please send your poems as a word document to  contact@lympstone-entertainments.net

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