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Reminder: Lympstone’s Wildlife Festival Saturday 3 June

Mar 22, 2023

Lympstone’s Wildlife Festival Saturday 3 June.
We still would love to hear from everyone especially this month if you could put on a display, however small or big, for the festival. We would love your offers please whether photos, information, demonstration or talk to a few or many. We are rather short of mammal specialities whether wee dormice to large badgers and all between. Also Butterflies. Plenty of room in the church to spread your wings, our lovely, interesting venue.

Many thanks to those Wildlife Warriors who have already told us they are keen to share their passions in pictures, information, memories of wilder times, small videos, larger films, tables, pinup screens, literary offerings , musical joys, art and handcraft inspired by Nature. Poor wild world, what have we done to you?
The more participants urgently fostering its return, the merrier we shall be. Pile it on! Let us know. Contacts below. Thank you.
All the best, Mary Truell and Rebecca Abrahams
Email: truell@me.com

Website:    https://www.lympstone.org/clubs-socities/wild-about-lympstone
Facebook:     https://www.facebook.com/WildAboutLympstone

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