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School children help with Rewilding at The Old Dairy B&B

Mar 22, 2023

The children from our local Village Primary School had an enjoyable afternoon planting trees with us whilst learning about the importance of Devon’s Treescapes and the crucial habitat they provide for wildlife. The afternoon was facilitated by Jasmine Atkinson, Community Engagement Officer, from Devon Wildlife Trust and the 350 native trees were awarded to us following a visit from Jon Freeman, Advisory Officer from Saving Devon’s Treescapes. The project, which was set up in March 2020, aims to plant 250,000 trees outside of woodland across Devon to make positive steps in redressing the loss of trees due to Ash Dieback. Ash is the second commonest trees outside of woodland areas in Devon and 90% are going to die from this rapidly spreading fungal disease with a huge loss of habitat and impact on wildlife.
We have now restored and planted over 250 m of hedgerow to help connect the various wildlife habitats. Some of these hedgerow trees will be allowed to develop to maturity to provide an important habitat especially for bats, which do not like to traverse open landscapes. We have also planted over 150 native trees to create a small woodland area with a mix of 15 different species and recreated a small Orchard, in keeping with the historic landscape, both of which provide valuable wildlife habitats. The Wildflower Meadow sown in the Autumn has germinated well and we are looking forward to seeing how many species of butterflies this attracts this summer!
We feel very privileged to have this opportunity to develop our small piece of land to provide a rich habitat for wildlife and play our part in Saving Devon’s Treescapes for future generations.


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