State of the Exe Estuary online ‘Toolkit’

State of the Exe Estuary online ‘Toolkit’

The State of the Exe Estuary toolkit is an online resource which provides easy access to the information available on the current status of the Exe Estuary. This information enables us to see how the estuary has changed over the years, by comparing the present condition of the estuary with the condition of the estuary captured within our past State of the Exe reports, which can be accessed at’  Past State of the Exe reports, which were previously produced as printed documents, can also be accessed through this toolkit.

Thanks to the generous funding from the locality budgets of Local Councillors Jeffrey Trail BEM, Su Aves, Marina Asvachin, Christine Channon, John Clatworthy, Percy Prowse, Richard Scott, Margaret Squires, and Carol Whitton, the Exe Estuary Management Partnership have been able to create this innovative online resource.

The online version will offer access to the most current sources of data, not previously made possible through printed documents. It also acts as a ‘one stop shop’ allowing many environmental conditions of the Exe Estuary, and more, to be checked on a near ‘real-time’ basis, through links to partner pages and online sources of reference. In the long term, this should reduce print waste and the amount of officer time required to keep the content up to date and relevant.

The online toolkit can be updated when necessary and we welcome any feedback or suggestions for additional content.

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