The amazing Mary Truell has made the commitment to visit each of the 50 Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserves – and to walk a mile for each of her 91 years – to raise funds and awareness about the growing threats to local wildlife.

“Reaching all 50 nature reserves is in itself a logistical challenge that few people of any age have completed. The reserves span the county, taking in some of its most spectacular countryside from the rocky coasts of North Devon, across rolling farmland, river valleys, high moorland and woodlands, to the dry heathlands of East Devon.
However, Mary isn’t satisfied with simply visiting these nature havens, instead she’s challenged herself to explore each on foot covering a total of 91 miles to match her age.
The motivation for this monumental effort is Mary’s passion for wildlife and her concern for its future. Mary said: “I’m doing this challenge to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our natural environment and the urgent necessity for us all to reconnect with nature. I also want to help support the work of the Devon Wildlife Trust as it champions the cause of the local environment.”

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