Update from Exmouth & Lympstone Hospiscare

Update from Exmouth & Lympstone Hospiscare

These are unprecedented times and our staff and volunteers have all been working incredibly hard to ensure our expert end of life services continue. We are keeping up to date with all the government advice and moving as quickly as we can to adjust and ensure we provide our care as safely as possible. Here are a couple of essential points we would like to share with you:

What effect is Covid-19 having on our services?
Our specialist in-patient ward and community nursing services are continuing as priority. Providing safe and effective care to vulnerable patients and keeping our staff well so they can continue to care for our patients are our main concerns. We have decided to suspend our Day Hospice services at all sites as a precautionary measure for the foreseeable future – these patients will continue to be cared for by the Hospiscare Community Nursing Team.

Other services affected include:
– Outpatient and nurse-led clinics will be managed over the phone or by Skype
– Care navigators will be making phone calls rather than face-to-face visits
– Film Club, Bereavement Teas, our cafes at Kings House and Searle House and other gatherings are currently postponed
– Complementary Therapy outpatient treatments are being postponed

If you wanted to visit the hospice at Searle House?
We are asking only close loved ones visit to reduce the risk to our patients and staff. All visitors are asked to call ahead on 01392 688000. We have asked all non-clinical volunteers, visitors, contractors and suppliers not to visit Searle House. We are also working to enable staff to work remotely where possible to reduce footfall to our specialist ward.

How can you help?
Hospiscare is reliant on raising 85% of its £8m funding needs from a range of fundraising activities, events and gifts in Wills. These are incredibly difficult times with cancellations of events and other activities that will hugely impact on our income. If you are in a position to make a donation, set-up a regular monthly direct debit, or consider us for a gift in your Will, we would be extremely grateful.

Hospiscare is very much part of this local community and we hope you will find our website helpful: www.hospiscare.co.uk. You will also find useful information and advice on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  On behalf of our nurses, our clinical team and the patients they care for, thank you.

Further info: Hospiscare online fundraising guide or see www.hospiscare.co.uk/fundraising

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