WI Centenary Garden Party

WI Centenary Garden Party

Lympstone W.I. Centenary Garden Party
Lympstone W.I. has started the celebrations of our centenary in November with a summer Garden Party in our president’s beautiful garden on June 15. It was a celebration of past and present, with 60 new, long standing and past members present, including visitors from other WI’s and the President of the Devon Federation.

As it was a very special time, our members had not been required to cook and bake, but were treated to a variety of delicious canapes, provided and served ably by a local caterer and staff. Of course the occasion called for prosecco and above all sunshine, which luckily we both got in abundance. The atmosphere was enhanced by gentle background music played on a harp.
After the speeches and a wonderful poem by a past member, a splendid cake, decorated in the W.I. colours of purple and green, was cut by 6 past presidents. The eldest was 93 years old, but still remembered fondly by present members.

We all toasted W.I. Lympstone, and a group photo was taken for posterity.
We are looking forward to sharing other special events with the village during the rest of this year.

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