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Wild About Lympstone’s BIG THANK YOU

Jun 27, 2024

WAL’s recent events in the village have been part of a big GIVEBACK using donations received at the Wildlife Festival in 2023.

25 May 2024 – 1000 plant giveaway

Organised by Carrie Darby and the Heathfield Allotment Trust – with 1300 plants for pollinators sown, nurtured and then given away. These plants are now creating a real buzz in our local gardens!

9 June 2024 – Gulliford Burial Ground

This special, tranquil space which is being cared for with wildlife in mind, was opened as part of the Lympstone Garden Festival, with information on key features for wildlife. There was also an insect hunt in the afternoon led by Mark Moffatt, and a bat survey in the evening.

15/16 June 2024 – Ellenthorpe demonstrator wildlife garden

We all had a chance to experience this atmosphere of this very special, magical garden of Robin and Judith Telfer. It provided the perfect backdrop for a series of family friendly activities including a garden trail, nature-based art, an RSPB stand with lots to discover and explore, pond dipping, and a wildlife trust stand.

In addition to all this, Louise Banks’ beautiful ‘Lympstone Wildlife Map’ was on view (prints are now on sale at Seaglass Gallery), with its beautiful depictions of our local plants, insects, birds, and invertebrates.

Did you pick up your copy of the Nature, Health & Wellbeing book? Sammie Frances’ beautiful illustrations perfectly complement the contributions of Lympstonians of all ages.

A big thank you to:

  • Carrie and all the volunteers who lovingly nurtured all those plants for the 1000 plant giveaway and helped  at the giveaway
  • Angela, Jane, Lesley, Mark and the Friends of Gulliford Burial Ground
  • Robin and Judith Telfer, Brian, Sophie, Katie, Mary, Judy and the many people who came along and helped during the weekend
  • Louise Banks for her wonderful art work
  • Sue, Sammie and Rebecca for the Nature Health and Wellbeing book
  • And a great big THANK YOU to all of you for coming along and making these events such a success!

All donations received during these events went to Hospiscare as part of the Lympstone Garden Festival fundraiser

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