Underhill Car Park

Underhill Car Park

car parkAbout three years ago, EDDC (East Devon District Council) asked if the Parish Council was interested in taking over ownership of the Underhill car park.  This was discussed at the time and a group was set up to look into the implications of this.

Cllr Ron Longhurst presented his report to the meeting of the Parish Council on 19th October.  This report can be found here. EDDC are not able to supply details of running costs in the short term or the longer term.

There are a number of questions that the Parish Council would like a clearer understanding of before they feel able to make any decision about this:

  • Legal powers to make rules for the use of the car park
  • The type of rules that could be made including issuing permits for specific spaces or for general use of the car park
  • Whether EDDC parking permits would apply to the car park and on what terms
  • Issue of new Parish Council permits, cost and length they would be valid for
  • The type and cost of parking ticket machines
  • Managing income and VAT implications
  • Dealing with parking offenders
  • The area of land involved including the rights of South West Water and Western Power as both have equipment in and adjoining the car park.
  • What might happen to the car park if the Parish Council do not take it over

Parish Councillors would like your views on this matter, which could be one of the greatest decisions that the Parish Council is faced with for many years.  Please leave any comment you may have in the comment box below and this will be forwarded to the Parish Council.

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