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D-Day Commemoration

Jun 26, 2024

In a week of mixed weather, just as it was eighty years ago, on the 6th June the sun shone. Early in the evening, the people of Lympstone gathered on the new green with the backdrop of our beautiful church, to commemorate D-Day.
The Lympstone Singers, so ably led by Fiona Archer and Judy Stutchbury, gathered beneath the precious oak tree and the audience collected together. They brought garden chairs and rugs to sit on and shared picnics, greetings, laughter and some memories of times past.
Several people had dressed up for the occasion. Varied items of military uniform; blazers, cravats and panamas; floral dresses in a ‘40s style or dungarees for the Land Girl ‘look’. The choir, under the patient leadership of Wendy Reynolds sang a range of pertinent pieces such as White Cliffs of Dover, You are my sunshine, A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square. Only one mini-disaster when a gust of wind dispatched pianist Martyn Esau‘s music but he staunchly continued with only a minor delay in departure for the Chattanooga choo choo! Between each song some apt individual performances were interleaved. The standard was excellent and highlights included Heather Redding’s spokensong; John Baynes’ rendition of the satirical poem ‘D-Day Dodgers’; Simon Ellis’ poignant song and Matt Hood sharing military history in such a way as to help us gently understand more the horrors of that momentous day eighty years ago.
The result of such a running order felt appropriate in its bittersweet nature reflecting the occasion and was concluded with a warm rendition of ‘We’ll meet again’ which everyone joined in with. Thank you to Brian and Jennifer Mather for, once again, enabling every word of the performance to be audible. Behind the choir, some children played quietly on the grass. Living reminders of all we have to be grateful for from those brave men and women before us and the importance of keeping our village and country safe and well.

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