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Jun 4, 2024

Many Lympstone residents will have noticed the greatly improved access from the Village Hall car park to Candy’s Field. The wet winter and spring rendered the old path hazardous due to the muddy and  slippery conditions. Upgrading the path was on the Village Hall Trustees’ radar as part of the Community Access Project but the deteriorating condition of the old path led to acceleration of the design and construction phase. The total cost of this phase of the project was £15,300. Lympstone Parish Council kindly contributed £1000. Other than thanks for the financial contribution, we must thank the local Friends of the Hall for the design work, project planning and rapid execution, achieved in rather poor weather conditions. It must be said that good utilisation of the Village Hall has provided the bulk of the funding for this project.

Another project being scheduled is the installation of a new / additional door in the Community Room. The new door will allow improved access to the toilets when the room is being used to show films and videos which necessitates the projector screen being down. Currently the screen prevents the toilet access door from being used which has often been commented on as an inconvenience (excuse the pun!) to Community Room users. And while we are on doors, another new one will be installed in the Meeting Room to afford direct access to the History Society archive and store. This new door will eliminate the need for people to go outside and enter via the Tennis Club.

We are planning to install a new commercial grade oven in the kitchen. Plans for a more extensive kitchen renovation have been shelved in the short term due to the prohibitive cost. An unplanned but necessary upgrade will be to the Main Hall lighting following the failure of one of the main lighting transformer/processor. We have a temporary fix in place but funds will need to be sourced to install new and significantly more efficient LED lanterns. New lights will be able to be run from the relatively new lighting desk which was purchased when the stage lighting was upgraded a couple of years ago.

And now for the sad news: The Village Hall stalwart Miles Freeman will be retiring at the end of June after seven years of dedicated service. Replacing Miles will be an incredibly difficult task; what Miles doesn’t know about the Hall and its quirks is hardly worth knowing. Without Miles’ skills, diligence and selfless dedication The Village Hall would not be in such admirable condition. We receive many compliments from hirers on how well kept the Hall is and a great deal of that is attributable to Miles’ hard work and attention to detail. It goes without saying that we are actively looking for a caretaker, handyman, painter, decorator, maintenance manager, IT expert, technical guru, project manager and general Mr Fixit! Thank you Miles, yours will be big shoes to fill.

Gregor Crum, Chair, Lympstone Village Hall CIO

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