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Exmouth Shanty Men ‘Tall Ships and Taverns’

EXMOUTH SHANTY MEN Saturday, 15th April at 7.30pm, Lympstone Village Hall (Bar opens at 6.45pm)

When the Exmouth Shanty Men last brought their show, “Tall Ships and Tavern Tales” to Lympstone Village Hall, our guest reviewer from Colombia, Tico Altahona, wrote in Drumbeat (the Lympstone Entertainments online magazine): “At the very beginning of the performance you felt transported to a sailing boat at the start of the 19th century… The music has the power of overcoming time, language and context to communicate something deeper, and it has been used this way over very many years worldwide… Human nature is the same everywhere; we share it, and this makes the shanty men able to last over time. Theirs is a ‘must see’ performance.”

Bloody marvellous,” said Phil Beer, more succinctly, “Just sensational,” said Judi Spiers, “I love them – they sing with such gusto!” said Richard Digance, “That’s my kind of buoy band,” said Aled Jones, “The Exmouth Shanty Men were their usual rowdy, enjoyable selves”, wrote the Sidmouth Herald,“ clearly relishing every moment. Tight harmonies and robust tunes pleased the crowd, many of whom sang along or rocked in time.”

If you’ve seen them before, you’ll want to come again – and don’t worry, no two ‘Tall Ships and Tavern Tales’ concerts are the same.
Four members of the crew are from Lympstone – Tony Day, David Wright, Ian Herbert and Heather Redding – the one female Shanty Man.

Bar open from 6.45pm, for a 7.30 show.
Tickets £12 from Susannah’s Tea Rooms or online from lympstone-entertainments.net

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