‘The voice of Lympstone Village’

The Editors of the Lympstone Herald are Rob and Claire Hilton. Please send any enquiries to lympstoneherald@hotmail.com

Copies of the Lympstone Herald are delivered free to every household in Lympstone eleven months a year.

At the June 3rd meeting of Lympstone Parish Council the PC expressed a wish to say thank you to Robin and Judith Telfer  for all their work on the distribution of the Herald and to all the volunteers who were instrumental in the production of the Journal. 

PLEASE NOTE: The January Edition of The Herald contains an advertisement for Peter Tosh Opticians, inadvertently published because it contains an entry to a free draw for which the expiry date has already passed on 18th December. The publishers of the Herald apologies for this error.  


Herald – content deadline and distribution dates 2022


January: Copy deadline 15th December, Print 21st December, Distribution from 24th December onwards (appreciate this will likely be after Christmas in practice).

February: Copy deadline 19th January, Print 25th January, Distribution from 28th January onwards.

March: Copy deadline 16th February, Print 21st February, Distribution from 25th February onwards.

April: Copy deadline 16th March, Print 21st March, Distribution from 25th March onwards.

May: Copy deadline 20th April, Print 26th April, Distribution from 29th April onwards.

June: Copy deadline 18th May, Print 24th May, Distribution from 27th May onwards. 

July: Copy deadline 15th June, Print 21st June, Distribution from 24th June onwards.

August: Copy deadline 13th July, Print 19th July, Distribution from 22nd July onwards.


Past editions

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