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‘The Voice of Lympstone Village’

Thank you: For the past seven years The Editors of the Lympstone Herald have been Rob and Claire Hilton.  The August edition sees them bow out as editors after a very successful period of development and innovation. They have produced an excellent magazine which is a credit to the village. The PC wish Rob and Claire a very happy future and thank then for all their hard work.

David Hawes will be taking over the editor’s role – we wish him success too.

Please send any enquiries to

Copies of the Lympstone Herald are delivered free to every household in Lympstone eleven months a year.

At the June 3rd meeting of Lympstone Parish Council the PC expressed a wish to say thank you to Robin and Judith Telfer for all their work on the distribution of the Herald and to all the volunteers who were instrumental in the production of the Journal. 


Past editions

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