NP Review 2019

The process of conducting a review of the Neighbourhood Plan in now underway.

Documents relating to this review can be found on these pages

Report Comments from NP review 24th Jan 2019

Report here 

Summary report from MR to review group 29th Jan 2019

Report here 

Village NP Review Meeting 24th Jan 2019 VH minutes and notes

Report here 

Village NP Review Meeting VH 18th March 2019 – Agenda

Report here 

Documents from the Review the Neighbourhood Plan meeting of 24th January  …..

At the meeting there was a ‘NP Review Document’ for the public to take home. The document is available as – Progress to 2018 NP Review here »
PowerPoint presentation by Cllr Rob Longhurst – NP Review Presentation to the Village is here »

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