Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

To see the final and ‘made’ version of the Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan, click here

Main appendices

Other Supporting Documents:-

Examiners report

Lympstone Neighbourhood Plan and the Lympstone Built-up Area Boundary line

Shown below are the outcomes of a meeting held on 23/24th November 2012 – these are all included in “The Pack” presented to EDDC on 5th December 2012 and signed off by Lympstone Parish Council on the 3rd December 2012. Since the feedback forms were confidential they will not be published but all comments, questions and objections are detailed in the sections below.

The following links have been left in place as a record of the agenda and also as background information.

Initial Data Gathering

Outcomes of focus groups on three of the themes discussed at the initial community consultation on the 18th April 2012. They were part of the process of generating suggestions for the Plan.

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